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At Prospector Pest,

We share your level of concern when unexpected pest problems arise at your property. That's why we show your property the same level of care and attention as we would our own.

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As a local, family owned business, it is our Gold Standard Level of Service and Integrity that help us stand out when compared to our competitors. For the better part of a decade, Washingtonians have turned to Prospector as their first choice to manage their pest control needs. Prospector boasts a 100% success rate for mole control using proprietary methods that are currently unavailable to the general public. So don't leave the health and well-being of your lawn up to chance, give us a call to get back on track today!

Services & Pricing

We offer Mole Control services to alleviate any mole infestations you are experiencing. Prospector offers unique proprietary preventative treatments for a proactive approach to preventing future outbreaks. Our preventative treatments truly set us apart from our competition because we are the only Washington company that is able to control moles through preventative measures. This means that more than any other company, we are able to relieve your mole infestation AND work to ensure that you are able to experience long term relief from mole damage. Many companies offer a quick fix, while Prospector Pest alone can offer a long-term solution. 

With your plan you will receive monthly preventative treatments as well as any other available mole control services that we offer. This plan includes weekly visits where our technician will check equipment and work diligently to ensure that a plan is in place to eliminate all mole infestations. Once our skilled technician has the issue under control, you will continue to receive monthly preventative maintenance to avoid a relapse. The minimum recommended service length is six months. 

**Prospector will service your property weekly anytime mole activity is present. Once we have observed two consecutive visits with no visible signs of activity we will stop weekly visits, and move to monthly prevention applications.

Complete Care Plan

$249* Set-up charge

(one time charge)

$150* per month

*Pricing applies to properties that are 20,000 sqft or less.

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Weekly Service

Monthly Prevention


Safe for Kids

and Pets!

For more info or to request service: Call 425-201-1995
or email

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